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Transparent high barrier PET AlOx film (PET-AlOx-D01)
Transparent high barrier PET AlOx film (PET-AlOx-D01)

Transparent high barrier PET AlOx film (PET-AlOx-D01)

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Product description

The AlOx coated PET film is coated with a transparent aluminum oxide layer on the surface of the BOPET film substrate by physical vapor deposition. It has good thermal stability, high temperature resistance, high strength and stable chemical properties. 


Compared with co-extruded film, coated film and  common metallized film, transparent AlOx metallized film is more environmental friendly, and has better barrier performance and printing performance. It provides better transparency visibility and printability, and is suitable for food packaging, medical products, medical materials, electronic products and other  products that require higher barrier properties. 


The product models are classified as follows:  

PET-AlOx-020 : Normal AlOx PET Film 

PET-AlOx-010 : High Barrier AlOx PET Film 

PET-AlOx-T : Protective coating AlOx PET Film 

PET-AlOx-TZ : Retortable AlOx PET Film 

PET-AlOx-D01 : Ultra High Barrier AlOx PET Film 

PET-AlOx-DTZ : Ultra High Barrier Retortable AlOx PET Film


Product display


Technical Index
Standard Item
Item Testing Methods Unit Typical Values
Thickness GB/T 6672-2001 µm 6-50
Density GB/T 1033.1-2008 g/cm3 1.4
Tensile Strength MD GB/T 1040.3 MPa ≥170
TD ≥170
Elongation at Break MD GB/T1040.3 % ≤200
TD ≤200
Surface Tension Al side GB/T 14216-2008 mN/m ≥52
Non-Al side ≥48
OTR ASTM D-3985 cc/m2·day ≤0.8
WVTR ASTM F-1249 g/m2·day ≤1.0
Light Transmittance ASTM D-1003 % ≥89
Al Uniformity ASTM D-1003 % 5
Al Adhesion QB/T 2358-1998 N/15mm 3.5
Boiled (pasteurization), retorted (≤121 ° C, 30 minutes) performance Can be pasteurized



  1. High barrier environmental protection packaging material with excellent oxygen barrier and moisture barrier function;
  2. High transparency, light transmittance ≥ 88%;
  3. High Al adhesion, greater than 3.0N/15mm, and it has good printing composite performance;
  4. Can be microwave heating, and detected by metal detectors;
  5. Excellent processing performance with wide application range, can replace KPET, KBOPP, KBOPA, VMPET, SiOx, BOPA, aluminum foil, EVOH and co-extruded film and other packaging materials;
  6. Reach FDA, EU, REACH, RoHS and new national standard 4806.7 and other regulatory requirements.



◆ Widely used in Packaging barrier for food such as meat, cooked food, biscuits, candy, dried fruit, tea, coffee, chocolate, dehydrated food, seafood, flavors, etc. and electronics, daily chemicals, military products, pharmaceuticals, etc.;

◆ Replace the K (PVDC) coated film to greatly improve the barrier properties of the product and reduce the environmental pollution caused by PVDC. It can be boiled and steaming cooked. It has better visibility and no yellowing;

◆ Replacement of BOPA, EVOH and co-extruded film,. It can greatly reduce the cost, greatly improve the barrier performance of the product, and with better adaptability;

◆ In place of SiOx, it can greatly reduce the cost. It has softer hand feeling, better transparency, better processing performance and better environmental recycling treatment;

◆ Replacing the use of aluminum foil, the composite strength is higher, the cost is lower, it can be see-through, microwave heating, and can be detected by metal;

◆ It can replace the common metallized film, has better barrier property and higher composite strength. It can be seen through perspective, can be heated by microwave, and can be detected by metal.


Common Composite Structure

AlOx (printing) / CPP (PE), 

BOPP (PET) printing / AlOx / CPP (PE),

AlOx-T (printing) / CPP (PE), 

AlOx (printing) / PA / RCPP, 

PA (printing) / AlOx / RCPP 

AlOx-TZ printing / RCPP or 

PET printing / AlOx-TZ / RCPP



  1. AlOx is a very thin and transparent dense coating. The processing should make sure that the coating is not scratched and ensure the barrier of the film.
  2. Printing and composite refer to metallized film printing composite process. The production process prevents the tension from being too large or unstable, causing the coating to crack and the barrier property is affected.
  3. When the customer uses it, it needs to be adjusted according to the equipment and process characteristics of your company. It can be mass-produced only after the product finally meets its own quality requirements.

The above information is only for the use of the customer. Due to the processing conditions of the manufacturer, equipment and final product requirements are different.

Therefore, we are only responsible for the performance of the film, not for each of your specific methods of use and application.

If there is new knowledge and experience in the materials, we will correct the information and will not notify you one by one.


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Transparent high barrier PET AlOx film (PET-AlOx-D01)
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