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Original Red PET Film
Original Red PET Film

Original Red PET Film

Thickness 12-188um Width Customized MOQ 1T
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The product description

Red PET FILM has two types: Original Red COLOR PET Film and Red Color Coating PET Film. Red Film has the same properties as the normal transparent PET film. It has wide applications, such as protective film materials, decoration materials and labels materials.


Technical Date

Item Testing Methods Units Standard Typical Values
Thickness GB/T6672 um 12~188
Haze GB/T 2410 % 100 105
Light Transmition GB/T 2410 % 26
Gloss GB/T 8807 % 80 82
Whiteness GB/T 2913 CUSTOMIZED
Heat Shrinkage Rate MD 150*30min % 3.0 1
TD % 3.0 0.2
 Surface Tension Corona GB/T 14216-2008 mN/m 48 52
Non-corona 46
Tensile Strength MD GB/T1040.3 Mpa 170 170
TD 170 175
 Elongation at Break MD GB/T1040.3 % 200 110
TD 200 90
Coefficient of Friction dynamic GB/10006 0.55 0.35
static 0.65 0.4

Important Tips:

1.The data and ,information above are obtained from our company's tests, for customers' reference of sample or the product usage;

2.The final performance of the product is related to the composite process,and improper use will cause destructive damage to the product;

3.For other special requirements,it is better to contact with our technical department for more details,so that the products are more suitable for customers.



The color is bright and uniform. It is glossy and good stiff. It has good tensile strength and printing properties.


Product display

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1.It is used for electronic packages, building decorative materials, labels, cosmetics, metal products packages and so on. 

2.It is available in curtain composite materials, the ceiling of thermal transferring etc.

应用01.jpg 应用02.jpg 应用03.jpg


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Original Red PET Film
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